21 Square Feet Per Apartment In The Heart Of São Paulo

Apartment is located in São Paulo, Brazil and it’s currently on the market for 1.57 million Brazilian$ (S$ 47.35 million). The apartment is currently for sale and it has an elegant design. The building in which the apartment is located dates from 1962 and it dates has houses from the 1960s. The building is in the center of São Paulo, in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, and it’s a hundred-year-old building.

The apartment is modern and also very nice. It’s located in a bright and beautiful area that seems to be taken from a movie. It’s a 140 square meter apartment and it features many beautiful details. The building in which it’s situated does not feature the original architecture. The building in which this apartment is located used to have two different buildings. However, the apartments have been divided into modern layouts and the former cast in concrete resulting in a contemporary new building.

21 Square Feet Per Apartment In The Heart Of São Paulo Photo 2

The building dates back to 1962 and has a total surface of 350 square meters divided into three levels. Some of the elements included the terrace and pool and other areas such as the large wooden sliding doors, the garden, etc. In order to visually detect the apartment and to create a certain atmosphere during the night, a pendant was used that draws the eye upwards, placed above the night sky. During the day it takes over the residence and creates a sensation. This pendant is not just another artificial lighting element but also adds color to the already bright décor.

During the day, the pendant highlights the table lamps and creates a nice visual effect. In the evening when the lights finally goes off, the residence brightens up and the atmosphere is more airy and bright. It’s a wonderful option for those who want a modern décor. This charming residence is a warm and welcoming home with a contemporary interior design and a simple décor. It’s exactly what a modern home needs to look and feel complete.{pics by Fernando Stankite, Ponsa Buildinga, Turin Studio}.

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