A Frame House Interiors With A Minimalist And Modern Look

I’ve always liked modern homes. They are contemporary and elegant and yet they are also simple in a very simple way. The minimalist is probably the best combination. As expected, the walls are minimalist. The furniture is minimalist as well. However, it’s still very eye-catching and visible and it takes advantage of every little inch. A typical white dining room wouldn’t be very enjoyable especially when the walls are covered in wood.

This stylish house from New York, U.S. is another beautiful example of a minimalist white interior. This time the designers took advantage of the dark finishes to add some striking details. Notice the sharp angles and corners. The furniture is also minimalist and there’s not much furniture that would a lot of room to move around. The kitchen and the living room are part of the same open space and form a large unit. They have large windows that allow natural light to get through and the sliding doors that can be used as book shelves.

A Frame House Interiors With A Minimalist And Modern Look Photo 2

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