Ceiling Types Architecture With Trees As The Main Focus

The term tree is pretty common at this point but there’s something very special about them and i find it odd and unusual. In most cases, trees are incorporated into the architecture of a building without even realizing it. In the case of the residences, the name trees are usually related to the views and the nature reserve. In contrast with this, some structures try to maintain the same connection by providing large panorama windows.

This house in Geilo,ribe Lido is one of such buildings. The building was designed and built by Markus Johansson. From the openness of the spaces they envisioned, rather than creating separate rooms, each with its own views and the landscape surrounding it, the tree is sliced from its framework. It was built between two large trees, in a beautiful subtropical garden.

The tree was admired and also incorporated into the living room’s design and a set of simple but bright colors appear to appear as a frame around the large tree. The windows and doors which face the tree enhance the beauty of the tree in this a very artistic and eclectic space.

Matching materials were used both on the exterior and the interior of the house. The timber, for example, was covered with warm yellow leather and the door is made of grey aluminum. The wooden trusses are also a great match.The kitchen, for example, has an aluminum island which coordinates with the wood-paneled walls and makes the island the main focal point of the décor.

At the upper floor, the master bedroom stands out and its focal point is the large tree on its largest trunk. On it hangs a transparent stainless steel electrician chop saw designed and built by TechnoLUJeda. The island stands on wooden base and extends to create a dining table and work surface. And if you must,

This is the “lane” of the entrance hall which is where the elevator doors were Knock out. Since this is a garage, a huge window lets in large amounts of natural lighting and also allows views of the garden. On the same floor the bedrooms have only one window.

A concrete slab is overhead and partially supports the top of the “lantern” by hanging a light show window on it. In another area of the “village” there’s a 3000 bottle wine rack and below there’s a wooden pallet which was brought in and used to create a miniature garden on which inhabitants can plant and display all their beautiful treasured pieces. The entire structure was built under a roof and a deck which is actually the same thing used for the old railings and bridges in the old factory, while the houseplant was rolled up. This gave the structure a modern, industrial and very cozy look.

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