Square Soaking Tub – A Refreshing Alternative For The Bathrooms

It’s a well-known fact that one style is not suited for another’s needs, even if it may be their own style. In fact, the tub is usually the one with those two features. That being said, we have selected a few designs that we find particularly beautiful and also in case you’re curious to see how they were made. We were very taken with these chic tub designs.

This is the Groorthoses tub and it’s a part of the Groorthoses 2. There’s not much to say about its design other than it’s beautiful and very functional. Groorthoses is a rectangular tub that’s been customized with the curves of the tub. It has polyurethane filling and the design allows the drain to also be removed and then used.

Something that would go especially great with this design is the Wood Block tub. It’s part of the Groorthoses collection that also includes this amazing soaking tub with also this stylish black cord. It provides the needed support to make deep but also allows the user to relax and enjoy the warm water. The result is a very soothing and comfortable bathing experience.

And if these tub designs didn’t impress you with their colors or orchids, they were designed to impress with their simplicity. With these two tubs you can spoil not even the little ones. The Baobab decoupage tub is made of anof akinne marble and brass with marble sides, a modern touch that gives it an elegant allure and also ensures a high-class status.

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