Swinging Bench Seats

Today weFound a very simple and more practical way of turning a table or desk into a multifunctional piece of furniture. This is actually a recliner. It was made using two Reys one had in the past but the designers had to think of its future as well as future owners’ lives. The desk was designed by Alejandro Quinn andmichel van Catte. This way the two share a common visor and are used both for the table top and as a comfortable seating nook.

The desk has two drawers, one for documents and another one for plants. This way you can use it to store things like the remote control for the computer or the printer. It doesn’t hide the contents so it feels like a part of the desk and everything inside is free to move around freely.

The desk has adjustable height and also a worktop with a slatted bottom. The slat feature is very useful, making it easy to adjust and change the height of the desk as needed. The piece costs $900 while the seat you get is queen size which is equivalent to $1,499.

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