Mother Of Pearl Decoration For Scarlet Letters

Laure represents the most royal and precious pastels to all of us.We may look to many hues for these pastel pieces of furniture or we may choose for Christmas decorations. All these things brought together can bring a new atmosphere to our beautiful house and bring a trace of the pastel color to our rooms. There are colors that are very beautiful, wonderful for decorating nowadays. They make you think of the beauty and richness of history and the nice way things succeeded in this century. There are still many collections of royal furniture that are created and that will make you want to have such a piece of furniture or just a decorative item in your house that you can admire it in its true form.

Here it a a collection of items with a simple design and a beautiful color. It represents a set of masks and Bottles, more commonly known as « valerie wine bottle», a bottle created in the 18th century to correspond to the queen-king of the royal family.

These elegant decorations create both a richness of decoration and an elegance of simplicity. They are made of wood with hand-painted glass and all the different sizes are available for $49.

Mother Of Pearl Decoration For Scarlet Letters Photo 3

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