Lavender Walls In Your Home

Vivienda Ciudad de las Artas is a project developed by Andrade Morettin Arquitectos and it involves the restoration of a series of drab walls from an old house located in the Condominium Building located in Algarve, Spain. The problem that presents itself is not only housing defective furniture but also challenging the idea that building shouldn’t be changed in order to give a building a new look and a more modern look.

The former residence had been abandoned for several years and its appeal was based on the unique and contrasting needs of the owners and to bring back a little bit of it. The new design deal with this problem and attempts to bring it back to life, hence the renovatio you can see here. The residence is organized in three main volumes. The first one comprises the kitchen, the dining room and the living room, being part of a leisure area. The other one is the bedroom area. The only thing that kept its integrity was the old fireplace with an old mantel and simple but really charming décor.

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These three volumes are separated from each other and they are connectedes to each one by different spaces. The dining area is a semi-open space and has access to a sunken lounge space by the pool. There’s also a lounge nook where the owners and their guests can spend time relaxing, enjoying a nice view and admiring the landscape.

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