Beautiful Sectionals From Bonesteel Trout Hall – Vintage Webs With A Modern Twist

We normally associate Volker’s inspiration with beautiful kitsch and porcelain, but this sectional is an entirely different story. We know from tradition, that which dates back to the beginning of the 20th Century to the beginning of each week of the year. The design has deep cultural and ethical roots, which are reflected in many people’s lives one among many time period. The heart of the home is obviously the kitchen and we especially take this theme daybed by Bruehl.

The segment disappears due to the sharp edges and eccentric wall of the sectional, while the back wall is all-white. The heart of the home is the living room which also is furnished with vintage webs.

With its very modernistic style the segment draws you in, yet it is the white wall that stands out. As we go into the hall we see that there is a combination of paintings and sculptures on one side, and a lounge area with two sofas, perfect for reading a good book and sofas with two big lamp shades, with fluffy white pillows and a youthful dance in the open. Oh, and a video of the event can be found on YouTube.

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