Glamorous Coffee Table With A Rustic Charm By Puzzle & Rustica

Rustic tables are particularly interesting because of their unique charm and their simplicity. When decorating a living room or a bedroom, you want to make it look and feel inviting and to be able to choose the desired finish for all the things you want to put on it. So you can try minimalist but also colorful and textured designs but you don’t want to use vibrant colors.

We found a very beautiful laminated table, beautiful and elegant but not recommended to be placed near the walls at a very obvious location. This is a low coffee table that would rather have a rustic look and for it a marvelous combination of materials and textures.Designed by Puzzle & Rustica, the table is the perfect choice for the bedroom, an intimate relaxation space with lots of belongings that can be arranged in case you wish to.

As you can see, all the pieces from this set are made from laminated wood. The dimensions of the table are 30?l x 9?d x 36?h. It’s not generous, despite its design. Still, the table is perfect for a single person or even for a single couple. It’s a great piece for the living room. The laminated table is easy to match with all sorts of interior designs, decors and home as long as it combines in a nice way.

Glamorous Coffee Table With A Rustic Charm By Puzzle & Rustica Photo 5

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