Architecture Examples Of Luxury In California

If you go by modernist criteria and think of a famous mental image of the house decorated by white color and pieces of furniture then you will think of a white house full of white nuances that fits well the new buildings that are to be constructed.In California there famous architecture focuses on the hillside with houses, there is a classic modern house that is built on the ground with the support of the columns that was built to the height of the California “Salt Lake City”.Now the house focuses on all the modern aspect there is a hillside house from San Francisco.

Everything is impressive with floor to ceiling heights, I mean the views.

A new construction was to be constructed there was the perfect opportunity to keep the modern aspects as simple as possible because, why not, a minimalist style, with few pieces that are not broken , so we cannot see what joined perfectly to create a perfect simple scenery if we do not go in a historical itinerary.Everything is in the right place, in the right place.

Everything is modern, no matter from where you observe this house, to the outside view, to the interior, all of this in the right place.

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