A Frame Home Designs Inspired By A Classic Black And White Family

Black and white is a classic color combination that has never really changed. However, some of the most famous shades that have remained are black and white. I think this combination sometimes mixes colors that usually go unnoticed, usually with little rhyme or though. Those are still present in fashion today, even nowadays that the world seems to be more and more forgotten. However, these colors still have something that makes us mad. Besides the fact that there are still people conscious of this simple combination, there are also other tendencies that tend to work, especially in architecture and not necessarily in black and white rooms.

This classic combination is still popular and appreciated even when there are still people with Indian based background, just for the sake of a single color, for the moments. When you think about it, the only colors you can use are black and white.

But when you go into black and white, you probably get the same effect, a perfect balance between dark shades and light tones, which might surprise you. All this happens because the color combination is not always what it seems at first sight. For example, this red and black living room, found on Miagazine, looks very beautiful with all the ranch side details and the pure white walls.

The furniture, mostly inspired by the vintage farm chairs designed by the designers of Jacobsen Bernstrand, follows an overall modern style. The couches features black leather and inspired by 1960’s chrome modern legs. The colors are wise and neutral, just what a living room needs when it’s featuring such a well-balanced combination. This, together with the wooden floors gives the room a very cozy and comforting feel. The living room is actually part of a larger open floor plan, so it has no walls and no doors. It’s rather a long and narrow space that feels open and airy.{found on freshome}.

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