Cowhide Lamp Shade By Trish Ståaz From Palecek

These colorful and furry pieces of furniture are by Trish Ståaz, a designer from Denmark who likes to add quirky pieces to his projects. She is really into repurposed things and uses repurposed elements for her home and this ever fresh space from the Netherlands is the perfect example. This is only one of many creative repurposed item designs and ideas we can find in her portfolio. The vintage wire desk lamp just proves the power of her brilliant approach. Trish has also used colored sheepskins for other designs as well.

The wire lamp has a mirror-like finish and combined with a more unusual shape, it gives it a totally new look. The light that it emits is spread through the golden and deep brass rods that form the base for the stunning lamp. They create a very charming and sophisticated look and really bring the lamp into the contemporary category of what we like to call “starlight“. The lamp is made from natural solid wood and metal, it has very nice rusty marks and powder-coated steel, all painted white. It’s a very beautiful lamp and it’s also a very nice idea. You can buy it for $739.99. You can use it for terraces, porches, hallway interiors or for the dining room.

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