Moroccan Bedroom Ideas For The Kids

A kid’s bedroom can be very refreshing and fun to design. You get to choose the colors and the furniture that suits the rest of the room and to try new ideas. It’s a time when adults get to be spoiled and they get to stop and enjoy everything. Everything stimulates when you have an entire room to yourself and to enjoy. So here are some ideas that might inspire you.

The colors have been beautifully chosen. By raising awareness on this concept, the designers of this bedroom created by La Clef Champs Champs-Élysées and the French firm Gliberudiere Etticone want to hide the stains and harmonies from the entire room but integrate them into a large wall system. The system includes a special set of cabinets that hide all the clutter and the space becomes a special area where you can enjoy a lot of your daily activities like watching a movie, reading a book or just hanging out with a friend.

To avoid making the space feel cold and austere, the designers have used stone finishes like ter hard Frankcrete and incandescenda wood and tempered glass. Situating the furniture pieces with storage cabinets, bookcases or any other furniture pieces around the room creates space also enhances comfort and makes the whole structure think more dynamic. This is in fact the case of the Bagnato bedroom created by the same company as the one presented above. Nevertheless, the look manages to impress with not only the cleanliness of design but also with the boldness of the transition between the materials and finishes.

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