Industrial Light Shade House In Ontario, Canada

The Rotterdam House is a private home located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Completed in 2012, it was designed by Jordan Parnass Architecture and was intended to be both affordable in terms of materials as well as style and aesthetic.

Rotterdam House by Jordan Parnass Architecture:

“This house is a hybrid project called a low-rise residence and a floating house. The client, an educational consultant, gave an abstract idea that developed during the course of construction in mind: the house must be open, modern and energy efficient, an agenda that seemed to almost be counterpoint to the living spaces in front of it, all built in steel and glass.

The built-in shed roof, one of the original bones of the house, is a unique design that integrates the steel component, the sheds polycarbonate glass and steel framing into the carefully determined patterns of the exterior envelope and wood patterning. Windows are not noisy, each facing away its quiet courtyard, while the project was done to continue the dialogue between the exterior and interior spaces.

The lighting design is reduced to absolute minimalism, with a floating metal and glass box for the “box of drawers”, with a wood slat ceiling and light industrial material for the beams and posts above. This is the key element used in the loft during the house works. The “box” is made of black stained pine, in order to suggest absolute blackness, while the “box” has incorporated gray vertical plane that delineates the kitchen and the stairs leading to the loft, with the vertical wood “wing”. Thus this house aims to be a hybrid between the minimalist and modern aesthetics demanded by the client and the environmental concerns.

The materials used are concrete, wood and glass, and the “box” as well as the materials and program inside the “box”.This combination of measures, material richness, finish and color reveals itself in all its corners, presenting itself in the opposite lines of the minimalist and elegant house.”

Photos by: Christian Bourne,
Source:Arja Nicole

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