Storage Cube Units

When you think of a storage unit, there is usually only enough space inside for you and for accessories such as a bookcase, some decorative pieces, a bunch of extra pillows, some books, a bunch of potted plants or the blanket you’ve always wanted to hang. And if there’s no more available space, you either look online or at your local stores and you find the item you need or simply buy it on the spot you’ve created. So if you have a small apartment or maybe you have it doesn’t really harm the space.

In this case, here’s a clever example of how you can use an already existing storage unit. This is a minimalist shelving unit that was designed for the living room. It has open shelves and a series of sliding doors on the sides in order to allow the mix of closed storage spaces inside. The unit features a combination of white and dark brown finishes and is also cleverly designed.

One of the shelves can be used to store some books or other objects while the other one is just a regular storage unit. This unusual combination is one that doesn’t really give much freedom but, even though it might be useful, it has to be strategically designed so that the piece doesn’t interfere with the rest of the décor and integrates more easily into the rest of the décor. I guess that’s why we speak the opposite thing.{found on archdaily}.

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