Floating Stand-alone Modular Fireplace By Studio MWA

The Savoy fireplace is the type of outdoor focal point you don’t want to overlook because it will no doubt stand by your side all summer long. We don’t know what the biggest draw for a fireplace is, but we do like to always make our outdoor gatherings special. The Savoy fireplace by Studio MWA is the latest addition to the Savoy Collection that will let your great big outdoor areas shine. The Savoy fireplace is the new heart of the Eastlake collections and their design was inspired by an “invent” market. The body of the fireplace is crafted from solid wood – a concept that will change as the years pass, reflecting a strange modern form.

The Savoy fireplace is the heart of the Savoy Collection and its “Skybone” fireplace harmoniously complements it in a way to no bad extent.

Floating Stand-alone Modular Fireplace By Studio MWA Photo 2

This fireplace is a modern concept, but the art of breathing style exists, the intention of Studio MWA is to bring the outdoor personality into camping. The central feature of the Savoy fireplace is its floating form, which emphasizes the floating form – hovering above all those pre-existing supports. What better aspect than to be able to see those outdoor views through the wood surround, which, by the way, are almost as important to the camp like aesthetic. The floating form is refined and smooth, in a very contemporary vocabulary.

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