Picture Hanging Ideas Without Frames: Walnut Wood Piece

The use of natural materials such as wood, stone, and glass has become increasingly popular as and whether it’s because of its practical use or because of how many stylish designs there are. The alternative would be a truly matching set of pieces consisting of a single piece that can be used in so many ways and many different ways that it’s hard to say with accuracy, but it’s also a lot of fun.

One that fits your living space, regardless of the dimensions or design, is a piece like this one. Created by Theophile Blandet, this wall piece can be used as a reminder board and as a gallery wall. It has no frames and its base is made of polished metal. Its interesting base color is dark brown and its only unusual feature is that it has an opening at the top, just to add some extra light to the painting area.

Picture Hanging Ideas Without Frames: Walnut Wood Piece Photo 2

The dominant color in this dining set is a dark brown, a color that flatens this minimalist black and white design. The overall finish and texture are also rich and elegant. The chair is the main point of attention, being an eye-catching centerpiece, simple and sophisticated, with a simple shape and a slender silhouette.

Picture Hanging Ideas Without Frames: Walnut Wood Piece Photo 3

A completely modern dining set could be defined by a palette of neutrals: black, grey and brown. In this case, these are the main differences between the setting and a more traditional setting. The dark chromatic palette is very simple, with very few details and with little pattern. However, it’s elegant and sophisticated.

When two or more colors are combined together, the result can be a rich and colorful décor. Although they have very different nuances that branch out and have different influences in the overall design, they don’t always look as good as they do in a given setting. Everything can be a strong contrast. In this case, that particular combination includes both neutrals and other complimentary colors.

Most commonly, black is used as the base in dining rooms or family spaces. However, it’s also used to create the base in workspaces and offices. A very common example is this modular dining table/ set that was designed by Nongarh Arquitetos Associados. The color is inspired by the tropical surroundings and also by the glass sections so a collection of pieces inspired by those elements could also be included in the collection of black and white displayed on the wall.

As already mentioned, black is a color that’s very powerful on both scales. You can use it to make a dining room look overwhelming in formal and informal settings as well as in small spaces such as a small bedroom. You can also take the color to other spaces, still with a black interior. For example, get a large artwork for a wall that would also be a focal point for the space.

Black is also a color that’s very adaptable to other senses. A black dining room interior can look very simple and modern, with light wood pieces and simple and clean lines and with white furniture. You can also use it in other spaces given that the decor doesn’t favor this color too much. For example, you could decorate the chairs with black paper or you can turn that into a pattern.

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