Modern Sink Faucet By Kohler – New Enigma Faucet Series

The Enigma bathroom faucet series is the most stylish bathroom series designed by Kohler. Clean, classy shapes and smart technology are at the core of Enigma bathroom collection. The faucets are made entirely from high-polished chrome, and are available in a variety of finishes to suit every interior space. Designed byboards designed by Reinhard Dienis, Enigma bathroom faucets allow users to control the water’s temperature and flow rate, control the water quantity, control the water’s temperature range and adjust the water massage to customize a bathroom sink faucet for sniring or getting snooze more quickly. Available in a selection of heights and widths – 19? wide, 3? deep, 9.25? round or 15? wide or 15? wide – this modern faucet range is designed to meet different preferences and requirements.

The under-mounted sink faucet is very stylish and minimalistic, as shown here from Kohler. Modern and unobtrusive style makes the collection’s finish choices elegant and somewhat contemporary. For a more exquisite touch, choose brass, porcelain, heather or brass. The finishes options are available with various geometries to choose from a classic chrome, opal, copper or brass finish option.

Modern Sink Faucet By Kohler – New Enigma Faucet Series Photo 4

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