Resort Style House In San Juan Cosala, Mexico

This house is located in San Juan Cosala Beach, Jalisco, Mexico and was designed by LKM Arquitectos + Aguilar Arquitectos and Pitsou Kato-Díezo. It covers a total ground area of 1,000 square meters and it features a simple and modern structure. White walls, floors and ceilings and give the house a weathered look.

The construction of this house was relatively low-rise. The social areas are in the first level and they include a terrace of 3, disappear into the ground creating a more intimate image. On the second level, a courtyard communicates with the bedrooms, whose floor are the same colour as the walls. For each room there are someone mentioned in different tones and different physical effects for the same colour.

The materials used were concrete, stone and colored with various shades. There’s a common element for both basalt rocks, soil and calcareous lime. The house has a steel frame, concrete walls and a wood structure and for stairs, a wooden frame to connect the spaces. To allow more privacy, the garage is at the back and it opens completely to the garden. The first floor is made of glass and has a sliding door that opens it to the terrace. On the second level, there are two bedrooms that can be accessed directly from the exterior of the house. The garage has a stone structure and that continues to the interior of the house.

Resort Style House In San Juan Cosala, Mexico Photo 3

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