Pictures Of Tiled Showers With Glass Doors

Even though the shower is an important part of every bathroom, the bathroom needs to be decorated differently and the interior design has to be specifically created so that the user can relax and completely get a calm and tranquil atmosphere as the water temperature near the tiled surfaces prevents him from reaching that sometimes. Here’s another beautiful bathroom, this time featuring a glass door.

The interior design chosen for this bathroom is very simple. All walls as to take the focus on the décor and art pieces. The tub in the corner of the room has a very interesting design, a bit reminiscent of a piece of art. Other elements introduced by the glass shower door are simple like the transparent glass mini shelves and the cozy corner storage units or the wall mirrors with long legs.

Pictures Of Tiled Showers With Glass Doors Photo 3

The actual bathroom design is very simple and this, combined with the art wall pockets, makes it look very inviting and stylish. The colors used are relaxing and organic, always in the palette of colors and neutral shades, never bland. The glass doors are the most interesting details, even if they don’t share the same colors. They share the frame and finish and they each stand out in a different way.

Pictures Of Tiled Showers With Glass Doors Photo 4

Pictures Of Tiled Showers With Glass Doors Photo 5

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