Loft Home Plan: Cozy Loft In The South Coast Mountains

If you just want to rent your own space, there are some wonderful loft homes that will make you forget about freezing apartments and long lineal halls. The style is cozy, the location is cozy and the décor is simple. This loft on the South Coast of South Coast, Chile is the perfect example.

The century-old original loft was renovated and redivided. Now the house is in great condition. The steps from the large window are made of glass and offer magnificent views of the surroundings. What’s more it has everything you could need in just one room.

Since it’s an attic home it has plenty of room for a bed and wardrobe. An 18-meter marble staircase takes you to the upper level where we find the bedrooms. The ground floor gathers a double bed, a queen size bed and a utility room. You can think of it as the house you can find there.

Loft Home Plan: Cozy Loft In The South Coast Mountains Photo 4

The atmosphere in here is very cozy and inviting. As you enter you are received by an Italian sofa and a bed. The kitchen is located on the mezzanine floor and the dining area is on the mezzanine level. On the floor you can see two modern tables with practical storage underneath and a work space that can also be found on the upper level.

If you have a high level bedroom you know how difficult it is to get there. The staircase in this case is very interesting. It takes you to the 1st floor where you can find the bedroom and the library. Underneath it there’s also a small bathroom.

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