30sqm To Sqft In North Point

This 1.5-person home is located in North Point, a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The house was a gift from LVM House, the creator of the character for the living room, whanke Clarke Carnell Larkshople boutique. The home covers a total ground area of 3,950 square feet.

The client had a big need for more space, so the architects had to do a little conceptual reconfiguration. They had to integrate the living room into the outdoor space. So they designed a new courtyard to be used as a multi-purpose space. This way the courtyard allows natural light and fresh air to warm up the air, plus the yard is a lot bigger than the house.

To keep the house private and a little bit “cold”, the designers gave it plenty of windows with minimalist blinds and in the opposite end a series of outdoor/indoor connections make the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces less dramatic. The new glass window frames let natural light invade the house and these windows cover the whole wall, ensuring a constant connection between interior and exterior. In addition to these details, the space now visible through these windows connects the house to the beautiful outdoor surroundings.

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For the garden, the designers chose trees that had this beautiful natural background and this way the vegetation becomes a part of the interior décor and infuses the space with harmony.

As for the colors, the designers chose periwinkle for a warm, earthy tone. This whole space feels very relaxing. The soffit of the dark grey wall contrasts with the light wooden floors adding another warm touch to the space.

Despite the dark colors used throughout, the rooms don’t lack comfort. The sofas and the seats are comfortable while the coffee tables and some of them are even made from wood. The large windows brings in natural light all day long and they let in ample ventilation while also allowing the light to bounce and to spread throughout the space.

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