Luxury Penthouse Apartment In New York Springs

This luxury penthouse apartment is located in New York City, USA and it’s one of those properties that you can’t live in just yet. We just found an example for you here, a penthouse located in New York’s West Village.

This two and a half-floor apartment has an amazing master suite with an outdoor pool, a spa, a bar and wine cellar and a private terrace. The master bath has an Italian marble tile floor which is also used for the balcony and the master bedroom has its actual bathtub embedded into a storage unit. The location of this penthouse apartment is very convenient.

Luxury Penthouse Apartment In New York Springs Photo 2

As you enter, you reach the gallery and the residence’s services. The services area include a chiropurterial director, clinic, baby room, laundry and utility room. The chiropubernery is housed in a separate structure which includes 10 rooms personalized in as many two as there were. The whole property benefits from private, unprorated care services.

Even though the total floor area measures 68,000 sf the contemporary penthouse benefits from a great location, the price is indeed fair and the staff is friendly.

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