Footballers Houses For Sale

An apartment, a house, it’s a flying house! Designed by Diogo Donizio, the residence is a work of art.

The interior of the apartment has a photographs on two walls that bring a lot of light. It also has a large platform to relax on after a long day of work. Moreover, it presents a spacious and modern living area.

Footballers Houses For Sale Photo 2

The kitchen, living room, dining room and studio have been decorated in a beautiful use of architectural materials in order to create a usable space in such a small apartment. To allow the sunlight to get inside, the window is located above the living room, so it keeps the light.

Footballers Houses For Sale Photo 3

I can already because this house is the first one to be created in a settlement under a real estate agency with 0 Waitemata buildings. This is a first, and I’m not sure I like it very much. It looks too simple, so maybe it’s not very practical. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful place and I’m sure it will be like a second home to take a look at from someone who had a great idea for every room of the house.

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