Decorating Your Bedroom With Lavender Shades

In the bedroom, pink is one of the most beautiful shades you can choose for a décor. It’s a fun accent color and it almost always becomes the subject of the artwork you choose for the room. It’s a strong and vibrant color that when combined with the white walls and linens it becomes a striking shade. But regardless of the shade you choose, it should be neutral. It will boost the atmosphere. For example, a bedroom with pale pink walls would be very relaxing.

Another trick against this color is the décor. It’s usually the large wall that matches a room. It’s usually the part of the house from which the walls have been painted that coordinate with the curtains, carpets or other elements. A bedroom with pale pink walls, a traditional bed and a dresser are usually the best options. But if you prefer something more you can try using some of the designs you have seen in magazines or have started redecorating the room. Still, I don’t think I’m going to be able to successfully combine these elements since pink is not the main color that I use. So a pink accent wall would be an even better solution.{pictures from bhg}

Decorating Your Bedroom With Lavender Shades Photo 3

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