Glass Table Desk By Andrew Cooper

Andrew Cooper from the Seattle furniture store, Coop & Tin had a suggestion, a very interesting and ingenious idea. They wanted to create a new workspace where any possible workspace could be apppressed and the result could be transformed into a usable piece of furniture. It sounds serious and understandable but there’s much more to say about the owner’s struggle with the situation.

The need to be able to display their proudly displayed wood grains and other wood materials, the struggle with the location of the cabin was the first challenge that Abe prepared for itself. He purchased the piece from an antique shop in Seattle. It had to be very close to the transportation where he relocated quite often. In that spirit, he designed the cabins out of wood. The result was a design that’s very close to the original.

The cabin features two separate volumes. The living area is fairly open. It also has a large kitchen supported by a more formal dining room situated in the back. All the cabin’s open sides are covered with glass on the outside. It’s also a very light and airy space in which it was necessary to build a set of storage cabinets. However, the need was balanced by the fact that the views were more important than the furniture. The wood was matched to some other elements. This is a project that needs to recreate a portion from the old cabin.

The living room furniture is very simple. However, it’s not austere or heavy but rather made of lighter tones. The sofas and chairs, the padded armchairs and the sectional in particular share the same characteristics. They’re the result of a simple design with a few differences. The small built-in shelves fit between the walls and help create an uniform décor.

The dining table is placed behind the wooden built-in shelves. On them there are white framed canvas panels that can accommodate numerous photos and individual framed photos. The shelving unit is made of thin wooden slats. Here two comfortable chairs are placed Together as a unit and there are two cabinets on the wall opposite to it for additional storage.

The open kitchen and the dining area are not lacking personality either. In fact, they have been strategically placed here, featuring a table with seating and a series of built-in storage drawers. It’s a very practical layout feature.

The upstairs area is where the bedrooms are located. Here, the guests can find a very lovely rocking bed that can be easily switched out if needed. The bed features wood frame tufting and it’s the second sleeping spot here.

An interesting feature is the climbing plant wall that frames the bathroom and terrace. The bathroom is actually a smaller space that at the same time contains the washer, dryer and all the other amenities. The whole project was completed and upgrades are done through out the house, as this distribution allows more freedom and flexibility.

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