Ikea Lamps Floor Design Collection

The snazzy Aria floor lamp is the kind of accessory that would make any room look beautiful and personal. The Aria lamp has a very simple design, with a base made of painted porcelain tiles. The base is particularly charming especially considering the actual shape of the lamp. It’s not a very easy process as you might find it difficult to find the shade you need or a light bulb that was required but, as you go on, things don’t have where you would want them to be so this design is just one of many.

You can buy the Aria tripod lamp, the perfect complement to your outdoor space. It’s a very lightweight and versatile lamp so you can include it in most reading corners, in the living room, even in the bedroom. The lamp is made of polished brass and has a very delicate, graceful and currical design. It comes in white and black and both lamp shades are 18? in diameter and 15? in diameter. The fixture is the perfect size for the lamp and it can be either flued out or hang it somewhere. You can also a beautiful detail on it on Etsy.

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