Container Home Plans With Courtyards And Gardens

The house is located in the outskirts of Jardim, Iran. It was a project by Setter-Gill Architects. The construction was completed in 2010. The clients requested a contemporary home with a bright and inviting interior. The architects were guided by a series of concrete guidelines. For the house along with the architects designed a green roof.The site was divided into three levels. It’s basically the size of a typical suburban house. This means that there are family-oriented spaces, private areas and social spaces as well. The three levels have similar functions but they each have their own character. They also have a different scale.

The interior is bright, warm and very inviting. The green roof makes this level blend into the surroundings. On the ground floor there’s an open floor plan that includes the kitchen, dining space and the living area. There’s also an extra level where the sleeping space and the playroom are. The interior design is simple throughout, with some colorful pieces and bold touches of color. For example, the living area features a playful island that features bright blue tiles complemented by a red shelf. There are also playful touches of color in the form of a dishunk pendant lamp and colorful pillows.

The bedrooms are bright and simple. They have colorful walls and comfy bedding and various elements that continue on the same line. The main color used here is white. The bedrooms also have balconies which are overlooking the gardens and offer beautiful views and privacy. There’s also a guest house which contains a playroom and a family room. These are some of the spaces the client wanted for the summer house in general.The house was mainly built with local materials and weathered that was used for the exterior. This way the house warmed up in the long time to be able to attract visitors and occupants alike.{found on archdaily}.

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