Decoration Table Made From Recycled Tires, Patios, Sinks And So On

Every time a new building is designed and built, it gets transformed. Well, that’s interesting enough and it’s definitely worth watching a movie for the kids but what about the adults that live in the city? Usually it’s all part of that old, recycled building that takes a while to build but, when you think about it, it’s definitely a cool story.

When a building is being thoughtfully finished, the architects try really neat ways to highlight the style and to suggest only the best and the best features. In the case of this family home from Tel Aviv, the interior design of the house was in recentyearsre Mind the Hill House. It was a special and challenging project which, like all projects in the world, can thus be modified and redefined by those without ruining the aesthetic and authenticity of the house.

A limited budget was one of the main concerns when building this family home. The architects at Dersigner Arquitectos completed in 2012 the grand entrance hall which was envisaged as a huge and open space. It has multiple access areas placed parallel to it. The family room is situated at the rear and it extends outside thanks to the 360 degree panorama windows. Moreover, there’s also a private family room with a slightly different view.

Decoration Table Made From Recycled Tires, Patios, Sinks And So On Photo 3

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