Modern Guest Bedroom By Atmosillo-ci.bride

Atmosillo-ci is a small city in the province of Cancun that is home to Europe’s largest printed printmakers’ and animators, and offers them in a full service industrial printing station. The team responsible for this large and bold guest bedroom designed a large eclectic collection of fabrics and accessories to decorate the open plan living area, kitchen, and bedroom of the “Atmosillo Lab”, a young creative centre in Barcelona, Spain.

Images © Atmosillo Lab.

Welham Park

Designed by the late Gerru de la Torre, the at the show with her family is creative, warm and inviting. “It’s all about light. This is the most intense room we’ve ever designed, with enormous, warm lighting in different geometric forms,” explains de Turcucina. “The light affects our feelings, emotions and perception of the space. That is the beauty of this. Thebolting out of the light is an action in itself, but is also an action based on purpose. That is a work that is meant to be experienced as one flows throughout the space, to provide one with many hours of spiritual satisfaction, and to create a grounding experience that one overlooks for others as well.”

Photos by: Gerru Turcucina

Note: we removed the photoprint quality as soon as we saw this post.

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