Images Of Modern Houses By Christopher Polly Architect

A notable trend is the use of minimalist, neutral color schemes that are expertly described by Christopher Polly Architect as “the soul of South Africa”. The image comes from a private residence in Johannesburg, South Africa, located just in strip within the cultivated landscape of Yackagawa.

The stunning contemporary architecture rises to a monumental ceiling height, height forgotten in the background, with wonderful views just on the other side of the glass walls. The spectacular landscape takes on the human proportions and the Zen atmosphere was carefully balanced with a luxurious living experience.

Images Of Modern Houses By Christopher Polly Architect Photo 2

The views are truly spectacular when viewed from above, while the pool cantilevers in the opposite direction, visually merging the great expanse of the ocean and mountains into one of the great rooms of the house. The guest rooms are generously sized and decorated, in neutral tones to keep the eye out of the many deets of the house and to visually resemble.

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