Gorgeous Houses Made Entirely Of Wood

A while ago we showed you a beautiful house made entirely of wood. It was a project made by Ashari House and its gone amazing now is a way to celebrate the romance of the old buildings. You only need a room like 40 square meters for such a lovely house. You don’t even need to have a lot of floors to be built.

In fact, this place is quite big. It’s a haute rock garden retreat and it covers an area of up to four hundred square meters. It’s a really cool place to spend the holydays and to relax.The architect founded Casa Rios, a studio with a focus on beauty and creativity. They were well recognized in the area and they pride themselves on creating projects that are inspired by creativity and nature. They use simple and inexpensive materials and they try to preserve the naturalness of the materials involved in the process.

Gorgeous Houses Made Entirely Of Wood Photo 2

The houses feature sustainable designs and they are made of eco-friendly materials. This makes even more attractive. The houses have beautiful wood-paneled walls throughout and they also follow typical designs and sustainable building practices that make this place particularly safe and secure. Inside, there’s a large living area that has a fireplace and a big sliding glass door that opens the space to a beautiful terrace.

Gorgeous Houses Made Entirely Of Wood Photo 4

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