How To Put Pictures On Wall Mural

Your walls definitely need to be painted in pretty much the same color as the rest of the house and you have to do something about it so that you can transition to painting repeatedly. You don’t necessarily have to do the same thing for the rest of the house. You can just stick a little extra paint on the walls and make it look pretty. A great example in this sense is this picture wall made of washi paper..

But what if the wall does exactly what it needs to do to continue being interesting and artistic? Well, if you don’t want to repaint your walls then just get a temporary wallpaper of your choice. This works best if you have an alternate picture or two and you’re just going to be using it for décor. The wallpaper can be changed anyway and this way you can forget about using a regular wall that you may just put in plain old frame paintings. Check the instructions on how to make the picture hook from ikeahackers for more details.

You can also change the look of your plain walls without even having to change them. A good idea in this sense is to just paint their inner walls. You could find some really cute patterns and decorations that you really like and you can then stick them in place. Or you could just take them off and make them from scratch. Of course, this only works if you have some nice wall art with stylish background and color. {found on ourwallpaper}.

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