Modern Patio Umbrella Stand

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but i realize how annoying people always are in the city and near all these places. I remember the days when i had to travel all over the places in the city, on all the cities, to visit all the people gathered in the town or in the country. Of course, now i usually go to the city, but i still dream to have a nice summer house from the middle of the city gathered around the great old waterway. Of course, now i have to go there and get away for a while just to be in a pleasant deserted place, but i finally find this summer house, like a boat from another world.

It’s called Riendon, the name that means “back on the water” and it’s a very useful patio umbrella stand. The umbrella stand has been crafted from wood, so it has a natural look, but the predominant feature is the Swedish traditional detailing. The most interesting and impressive part is the staircase, which is made of wood, but it has been wrapped in white rope.

Modern Patio Umbrella Stand Photo 2

The stairs have just a ramp that crosses a wooden basin and goes straight through the house, where there are more rooms. The most interesting part is the desktop, that is bigger than you would expect and that is the place where you would spend some of your free time. The combination of wood and white really brings home the idea of comfort and simplicity. It’s a very inviting and relaxing place to spend the days in your garden.

Modern Patio Umbrella Stand Photo 3

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