Architecture Features That Bring Beauty To A House

Located in the center of Ghent, Netherlands, this project was designed by JLH Architects. It’s a beautiful house and it’s a wonderful mixture of modern and classical details. The architect wanted to make it look fresh and beautiful but he also wanted it to be simple enough to blend in and to match with the surroundings. As a result, he selected several simple elements.

For example, the exposed wooden beams match the beams and form the roof and side walls. The lighting fixtures are made of wood and have a dark finish. The windows let in plenty of natural light while also providing beautiful views of the surrounding area. They also have minimalist blinds that are made of Swedish spruce and are simple but also elegant. The interior of the house is efficiently designed. The house was divided into two volumes by using a series of simple partitions and dividers with built-in storages. They serve as separate bedrooms and lounge areas.

The interior of the house is open spaces with glass walls and ceilings. The furniture is modern and includes designer pieces as well as timeless pieces. The color palette is based on natural wood. Some walls have been transformed into bookcases filled with bookshelves and with options for artwork, wall decorations and accessories. The overall décor is cozy and inviting.{found on husohem}.

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