Grey Wood Tile Bathroom Flooring By B-G Tragata

The flooring used to complete this grey wooden deck by Italian company B-G Tragata , called “Scandinavian Design”.The T-shaped wooden flooring uses a combination of white and walnut in order to obtain an elegant and simple look, perfect for any modern and simple bathroom. It’s an area that combines the beauty of such striking and simple colors with functionality, creating a pleasant and practical design.

The unique aspect of the B-G Tragata wooden floor is its ability to increase the space you have in order to save precious minutes for the bathroom. It’s designed to be installed at a low or low elevation, as not to disturb the bathrooms walls, floor or floor. As a result it provides very comfortable stay, without obstructing the space for other activities.

The flooring is great for all types of floors as well, because it increases comfort, provides flexible use and is a perfect material for entry and entry. A particularly interesting feature is the Let`sink Trolley that was designed especially for the bathroom. Now, the seats fit perfectly on the Trolley and there is room left for you in the seats for two. However, not all bathrooms have this kind of a functionality so most of them either have limited space to place things in or sacrifice the style. Now the bathrooms are adaptive and they serve as a good measuring tool.

Grey Wood Tile Bathroom Flooring By B-G Tragata Photo 3

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