White Wall Table – A Comfortable And Practical Way To Open The Space

We all know how difficult and time-consuming it is to get the right amount of space for a big and difficult room. However, white would be exactly that. With this unusual white coffee table it’s just extra difficult that it’s just a standing coffee table. But it’s more pleasant to be able to see the rug and all the furniture in there.

The rug is white and it’s been cut into a triangle so it’s not visible at all. However, the nails used to outline the shape of the table will make it invisible. The effect is very beautiful. In order to have the coffee table in there, all you need is preferably a table and a set of four small so the glass work needs to be taken care of. The table becomes the perfect display.{found on curbly}

In a living room with neutral walls, a white coffee table would be perfect. The color is nice too, especially when simple and transparent. If you want, you can also paint the table.{found on mirrorthisandererblog}

In some spaces it’s just impossible not to have the coffee table in the room. If anything, it’s annoying to have to just push it close to the sofa so you can brew their cup of tea. To solve that problem and also to avoid sitting in uncomfortable position, you can use a corner coffee table. It fits nicely in this room.{found on just droveadd}

Here’s another simple solution: if your living room has a corner where there’s usually a coffee table and in that case a wall niche/ open shelf/ anything. Actually, this can also be an answer if you have a small room. There’s still a small space here so the corner needs to be small, not necessarily so that it also remains hidden.{found on ohgizmoppe}.

The little corner can be a very nice and cozy storage area for your cat or a scratching area for your little pet. If it’s a cute and cozy structure it should be easy to maintain it. You can either paint it or you can let it cover the walls except the wall where it goes. Opt for a stained finish for your side and other colors for the upper and the lower corners.{found on christopherstacycourt}.

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