Fancy Mansion Connected To The Lake By Timberlake Park Architects

Lebane-based timberlake park architects is currently the company with the most appreciated designs. They have completed this beautiful farmhouse located in Bondi, Ontario, Canada that covers a surface of 300 square meters and that hasn’t gone out of fashion due to the expansive art collection. The mansion that was built in 2008 for $45,000,000 is on a 8 acre property sitting on the Brentwood Park Avenue, Bondi, in Bondi, Ontario, Canada.

The mansion includes a spacious entertainment and entertaining area where the living room is connected to the kitchen, dining room, barbeque/spa, outdoor dining area, a catering kitchen, an event room, pizzeria and a baker’s market. Also, the ground floor of the mansion consists of three bedrooms, a TV room, exercise room, children’s playroom, and a 550 square foot infinity pool.

Fancy Mansion Connected To The Lake By Timberlake Park Architects Photo 3

The ground floor of the house is connected to the grand entry by a concrete granite driveway with granite slabs and a back gravel patio. On the same floor you can find the garage, gym, a gym room, laundry room, cellar and a 700 square foot hot tub and outdoor fire pit. The second floor of the house doesn’t only have an exercise room but also a pantry. A family room and a gym can also be found on the ground floor. Also, on the third floor are five bedrooms, plus four children’s bedrooms. The backyard on the sixth floor is equally beautiful. The property has a sports room and a fire pit.{found on archdaily}.

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