Nfl Players Houses By James Deans & Associates

The Naircke House was a project by James Deans & Associates and it can be seen in Pune town, India. The team that worked at this project was formed by Prashant Dev Nikiah.

The Naircke House is a two story private home. It covers a surface of 4700 sq ft. It’s a two-story structure with a contemporary design. The house was built on a platform created for the client’s family’s bedroom.When the clients purchased the property, there were some problems with the construction process and the proximity of the site.

The cost of the project was not big. It ended up a simple project with a beautiful composition of timber villas. The houses feature high quality contemporary Western Swing homes designed by the local firm.

While the houses have a contemporary design, the designers tried to bring back the image and style that the owners wanted for their home. Another challenge was related to the construction process. It started in June 2010 and the practice adopted a modern modern approach.

While designing the houses, the team had to keep in mind while designing the materials. Not only the wooden frames and the curved structures had to be in close contact with the stone structures. The materials had to be able to withstand the demands of the site on a minimal cost.

Leaving aside some technical aspects, the KVH1 house is a house which can accommodate one family but also a big group even though that is possible mostly because of the prefabricated elements. The only use for the house was on the inside.

Pivoting doors were installed and tight spaces were created along the walls and for the lighting. Having a large space on the ground level was definitely a challenge but the interior was cleverly designed. Moreover, there’s plenty of space in there for the dining area and a long, horizontal glass wall brings natural light inside.

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