Long Sofa Couch For Modern Living Rooms

This lovely sofa has a very simple design and several subtle details that make it stand out. But it’s also the type of sofa that always looks balanced and just right, like a combination of neutrals and subtle tones. The sofa was designed by Perélaff, an architect by an equally easy-made concept and an ingenious way of combining functionality and style.

It’s important to take into consideration the relation with the ground, even if it’s not directly on the floor, so it doesn’t look too friendly. The impact on the surrounding space can be seen whether you enjoy sitting on the sofa or on the floor. The impact is stronger if you also add a tall area rug. The sofa has a durable wooden frame with subtle metal details. Its overall dimensions are 68x71x35 cm.

Long Sofa Couch For Modern Living Rooms Photo 2

This is a low sofa. It measures 15x52x31 cm and it features a continuous design. The upholstery is either soft and fluffy or very comfortable. However, the back rest is not the most comfortable part because of the shape. The sofa has an adjustable back that can all adjust perfectly in order to create a more comfortable seating position. Another trick is that the armrests are small and sloped and they rolls down evenly giving the sofa a dynamic look.

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