Bathroom Towel Heater – A Revolutionary Feature In Any Bathroom

Hot water is great and we all use it. However, it’s difficult to imagine that a bathroom towel heater would be useful and suitable for the bathroom anyway. Well, you don’t have to because you can take a peek at this amazing feature that is now so much different. The towel warmer is a revolutionary item and it’s not even needed to provide hot water for your bathroom. It’s enough to use 2.1-4.1-5 taps that need combined in order to heat up the whole bathroom.

The towel warmer can also be used as a decoration and it can be included in the bathroom in a singular way. For example. This freestanding unit is actually a bathtub in addition to an actual model of freestanding tub that also has some built-in shelves. The two functions of the unit are enclosed by actual wood stripes. The stripes continue on the sides and complement one another creating a unique visual effect.

The freestanding towel warmer is, as the name suggests, a component of classical décor, making this unit a real statement. The design is very simple and the unit doesn’t stand out with anything else. It’s a minimalist piece that measures only 33.6 x 40 cm and has a width of 120 cm. It has a classical charm with modern influences.

The freestanding unit is quite small. It has a teardrop shelf supported by four straight legs. The top surface is not occupied by thin or casted pipes. It offers a really interesting and unusual view at the intensity of the light. The shelf is made of two halves that are put together to form a cube. It can be personalized with numbers or free-printed numbers. The price for the unit is $1,129.

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