Oversized Leather Sofa With Brass Legs

Leather sofas are definitely appreciated for their stylish and elegant look. They make lovely furniture for areas such as the living room, the bedroom, even office. But while the actual shape and look may vary from person to person, the combinations and combinations you use will definitely change the overall look and feel of the space. This oversized leather sofa is a very good example to follow the same lines. The leather makes it seem a little more luxurious and it also adds some practical comfort to the user.

The design is very simple at the same time. This oversized leather sofa features a minimalist design with clean lines and thin forms. It’s interesting and it contrasts with the overall minimalism of the sofa. The colors used are soft and calm and this makes the otherwise bright and neutral space seem even more airy and fresh. Some of the other colors are navy blue, light green, white and brown, all very beautiful tones that create a very nice balance.

Oversized Leather Sofa With Brass Legs Photo 2

The accent details are mostly those used to add color to a minimalist space but they also complete the design in a very subtle and chic way. The navy blue the other vibrant brown used for the accent pillows is a very nice choice as well. The brass accents are not meant to go unnoticed but nevertheless they look very elegant and stylish.

Oversized Leather Sofa With Brass Legs Photo 3

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