Rooftop Garden Design In Madrid, Spain

Inspired by a concern for the interior spaces of the artist’s studio, the architects of Elias Rizoserved the program in all the colorful interior spaces. His studio is located in Madrid, Spain, an appropriate location for a place like this. The bright colors and the pure geometries of the buildings facades are contrasted with colored glass, or other materials.The extension was conceived as a nest therefore a piece of furniture sitting under the trees. Instead of a furniture the space is injected in two ways: one is through a play of two colors and one is through certain key elements.

We always enjoy to play with contrasts. We found it so interesting to employ this idea when designing Rizo House, a contemporary home located in Rawal Pampas, Madrid. In this house performs very important function for its context, since its site holds huge greenery. By designing the house with huge openings and glazed areas, the interior is filled with light that enters through the generous windows, and is completed with different storage options and access to the exterior.

Rooftop Garden Design In Madrid, Spain Photo 3

In the living room, wide open spaces reveals skylights, from where the sky seems infinite or semi-random, no matter the room we are in. From there, passing through two courtyards and Opera House, entering the living room, and ending in the open kitchen, the house presents itself as a place of entertainment and rest. It is a place no chef would want to be, either, a place where he can enjoy a coffee and enjoy his meals, or a place where he can relax in his favorite position, with its furniture, having a view of the sky, the landscape and the city in a truly exquisite manner.

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