Art For Dining Room

Dining rooms are usually a decorative place where we welcome family and friends to eat for a variety of reasons. But usually families with more than 2 people sit at the dining table and this is a good place to start a day. But for those who have less space and they still want to invite some people to dinner, it most of the time is a luxury home, a one with a small and cozy dining room. The next concept is a very large dining room, a dream for some of us who are not used with such a place. It is a dream, but it’s not a realistic one, because at first I will guess you won’t eat there.

But when you think about it you stop to see those friends your days have ended with, of course, you drink from the coffee table and in the evening come; how nice is that?

Art For Dining Room Photo 2

The dining room looks more like a living room than a dining room. That’s because there is no scope for having people at the table, but this is the idea that inspired artist Jean-Jacques Douwen, who came up with the idea of creating the first modular dining table.

Art For Dining Room Photo 3

Even though at his very own web site he promotes the idea of modularizing we feel like it represents a new perspective over life. Any way, the idea of modularizing is not always positive, because not everybody can afford to do this, but you can have your individual modifications if you really put your mind to it and the result can be different and unique. I would like to have a good sample of this artists’ ingenuity and when I finally have it I am so happy and optimistic.

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