Grey Accent Wall Living Room With Contrasting Shades

When we choose a color for the interior the first thing we usually choose is black. It’s a very elegant and stylish color and it usually complement a black but it can also be successfully combined with anything else. The grey shades are very beautiful. It’s not very exciting but it also creates the perfect combination of colors for a variety of different decors. The grey tones are very elegant and bold so watch and decorative. Here are some examples that illustrate this beautifully.

In the case of the living room, grey is a color that adapts well to a variety of different styles. In certain décors an accent wall can be a nice and subtle way of introducing a certain contrast. And since the sofa is a central piece of furniture in the décor, a contrast color can be created on both sides of the neutral wall. The big mirror and all the black elements are meant to be both eye-catching and subtle.

You know the trick to make a hallway look interesting and not distracting or overly colorful. The secret in this case is in the details and the small elements and accessories that are missing. For example, the wall mirror is a very nice detail and so are those flower pots. The chandelier is also very beautiful and elegant.

In the case of the bedroom, the accent wall is the most difficult because it’s hard to reach many items in a row and since it’s a large wall space, the decorations have to be nicely framed and integrated into the room’s décor. Here, the tufted headboard is a very good example. Notice that the bed has a very nice shape and the area rug makes the room seem so bright and inviting.

Sometimes one key in the décor needs to go against that pattern play. For example, the way the artwork is arranged is also interesting. This composition almost seems like a natural part of the wall décor. The paintings are also interesting. The pairing with the blue in this case is both eye-catching and relaxing. The white and grey contrasts are soothing. The same goes for color. This is a combination that works well in traditional and contemporary interiors.

Here we have another eclectic gallery wall with bold décor but with colors that have less than typical in the same place where they are very often found in expensive. The décor has a very familiar look, with familiar pieces like burlap andebra wood placed on a dark background. Also, the fireplace is a very good focal point. The furniture is also extremely beautiful, both in classical and contemporary. Moreover, the decorative leaves hanging on the wall replace the trophy that once adorned it. Overall, it’s a beautiful composition and a good investment.{found on site}.

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