Modern Concrete Block House Plans And A Multi Functional Layout

Rosenko represents a modern concrete block house designed by Miguel Aragona Architects. It’s located in Yucatan, Mexico and it was a project that involved the renovation of a old building from the mid 20th century. The project was completed in 2010. The residence is now composed of a series of separate volumes.

The most striking part of the property is the pool. It has a minimalist, contemporary design and it combines the indoor and outdoor spaces and has a very simple structure. The ground floor is a continuous area with walkable walls. Each room is clearly delimitated by the other one by a door or a wall and the overall design is minimalist and precise. In some of the spaces, the original portions of the building have been preserved, like this one that is clearly separated from the rest of the main floor.{pics by Marko Bosanova, ecostudio, Architekten}.

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