Cubbie Storage Furniture Collection By Mariana & Simon

For those who are looking for a fun and unusual place for their collection, a practical and unique coffee table may be that much better. Although it is very unusual to have a storage unit with a more traditional design, this one is very unique and different. The suspended compartments are made of wood and the corners are windows. It is actually a very unusual collection that gives new meaning to the term coffee table and historic purpose.

It looks like a large and colorful collection that has colorful colors and interesting patterns. The design is unique and the colours may vary a little because they are different and together they illuminate and they form unique shapes. Each piece of this collection is made by hand in a special powder room where water and bamboo grows free. It is hard and delicate, preserving it as much as possible. The different tones of blue used in its design are balanced and create a calming and relaxing image.These innovative pieces of furniture can be bough for $1.500 and $1. 2000, or they can be part of the same collection, with the same simple colors.

Cubbie Storage Furniture Collection By Mariana & Simon Photo 2

Cubbie Storage Furniture Collection By Mariana & Simon Photo 3

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