Pure Modern Apartment At Voltage Roman Apartmentberistas

This modern and colorful apartment has a very nice and neat look. It’s a combination of simple and Western-inspired materials. The apartment is located in the Gràcia district of Barcelona, in Spain. The location is very convenient because the city is close to the sea and there’s always more to the sea than meets the eye. The clients wanted a bright and airy apartment. They wanted to be able to easily admire the sea and open to the views as many guests would want to have dinner.

The interior was designed by the architects at 2B Group. The studio’s approach was to make the most of every bit as they design the interiors of this apartment. The color palette consist mainly of neutral tones. The décor is minimalist and there are no unnecessary pieces of furniture as for example. The simplicity is exactly what these guys’ project was counting on.

Pure Modern Apartment At Voltage Roman Apartmentberistas Photo 2

The black and white suits the walls and ceilings are classy and not at all uncomfortable. The furniture is modern and minimalist. The only odd thing about this apartment is the fact that you can see two black chairs placed in front of another white bookcase. It’s a very nice contrast between the two contrasting styles. Because of the colors used for the décor, the apartment lacks dark colors such as black and white.{pics by Yoshihiro Sato}.

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