Green Vanity Cabinet Made From Recycled Materials

Bathrooms usually have very simple designs. This is mostly because of the fact that everything is simple. However, this doesn’t mean that aesthetic design has to be neglected. You don’t necessarily have to choose a simple vanity for this. A vanity could look interesting, eye-catching and sophisticated and this is a durable detail that can be also be beautifully integrated in a bathroom’s design. For example, you could have something that stands out, something interesting and eye-catching, like this “Sliding Crystal” vanity created by Diapo.

The design created for this vanity is quite simple. It’s basically a transparent glass cabinet with a sliding door, a very good fit for modern and contemporary bathrooms. The cabinet is called “Sliding Crystal” and it has a shiny finish that beautifully complements the cold colors that contrast with the cabinet’s mirrored panels. The design is completed by the drawers, white bottom white top and chrome metal handles. It’s a very functional piece of furniture that is also very functional.

The vanity cabinet has a sliding door that can be fully opened while the frame remains private. If you still have some room, you can extend the glass case and use it only one side. The cabinet’s dimensions are 13.25L x 1.75W x 20.25W. It’s made of finished glass with polished nickel and transparent metal hardware. The custom order can be set up for $1,166.00.

Green Vanity Cabinet Made From Recycled Materials Photo 3

Green Vanity Cabinet Made From Recycled Materials Photo 4

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