Cubby Dresser From Muuto – The Cork Dresser

Not only functional, but also aesthetic. The cork dresser from Muuto is a stylish piece of furniture for decor. It features a beautiful design that makes it look like a flower. The look of the cork dresser is a natural in its materials and natural print. The dresser is made of cork, more specifically of its wooden construction and several other similar plastics that are all made burning wood or hand-painted.

Because cork has such a unique pattern, it also uses a technique that no other material has. Charcoal paint is used to imprint the design on the wood. The process is a traditional one but it becomes more interesting as the paint dries. Each cork used for this dresser is then covered in detailed golden feather details, turning it into a modern coffee table. The dresser measures 35 H x 50 W x 41 D.

Because it has such a simple design and such a timeless look, the cork dresser has been designed to be durable and to hold as many cork cylinders as possible. The high gloss lacquer finish ensures that each individual cork block is resistant to scratches and marks as it gets damaged. Such a piece of furniture is particularly useful in kitchens but also for offices, bedrooms and pretty much any other spaces.Available for 195$.

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